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Resident Evil 4 Remake Datamine Suggests Separate Ways Is In Development




Dataminers have found evidence in Resident Evil 4's remake that a remade version of Separate Ways, an unlockable mode in the original Resident Evil 4 that let players control Ada Wong, is currently in development.

Resident Evil 4's remake is finally upon us and, while critics and fans alike seem to be loving it (bear traps aside), there are a few notable things missing from the experience currently. One is the Mercenaries mode, which we know is coming in April via a free update, and another is the Separate Ways mode that lets you play as Ada Wong. It's even more noticeable as Leon even makes a joke about it in the Game, stating that he and Ada need to go their "Separate ways" at one point.

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Although it's a shame that Separate Ways isn't in the Game at launch, it does seem to be coming at some point as DLC or with a free update. As shared by Twitter user ResiEvilCentral, Gosetsu, a dataminer from the Resident Evil wiki, has found evidence that something to do with Separate Ways is currently being worked on for Resident Evil 4's remake.

ResiEvilCentral shared an image from the files of the PC version of the Game, which contain a folder titled "Another Order", which the Japanese name of the mode. Alongside those folders are ones named "Chainsaw" (presumably after the Chainsaw demo) and one called "Mercenaries", which is obviously related to the upcoming Mercenaries update.

For those who don't remember Separate Ways, it's an unlockable mode that shows Ada's side of events during Resident Evil 4's story. Although only a short side mode, Separate Ways is canon to the overall Resident Evil story which, along with how much fans have been asking for it, only gives Capcom more reason to eventually end up adding it to Resident Evil 4's remake.

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