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Resident Evil 4 Remake Copies Appear To Have Reached Stores Early




There are many ways that a Game, or upcoming features of a Game could get leaked. The most common way is someone from the dev team itself sneakily puts out images or videos of the Game during development. Then there are hackers and dataminers who get their hands on new content via the source code; sometimes the developer itself goofs up and Tweets something by mistake; and sometimes stores receive copies a bit too early, resulting in someone streaming it before launch day.

The last one seems like it's imminent for Resident Evil 4, as pictures of physical copies have emerged online. Photos of the PS5 physical copies started appearing online around March 9, however, we were unable to confirm whether these copies were in stores, and not just in the developer's office. However, according to Dusk Golem, who happens to have inside information with Resident Evil related matters, has mentioned that RE4 copies are in the wild.


"Just as a heads-up, Resident Evil 4 Remake is 100% in the wild, seen some clips people notified me about in a few places. Won't share them, but if [you] want to avoid spoilers now's the time to start treading carefully," they Tweeted. "While I'm sure Capcom will start scrubbing stuff soon, my suggestion going forward is just be careful on social media & video sharing sites. Some with auto recommendations, such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc, may be the ones to be most careful of, but are ways to block terms".

Considering that the release date is March 24, and copies have already been spotted in stores, it's highly possible that spoilers and playthroughs for the Game will start appearing online. You may want to mute Resident Evil related terms on social media if you don't want any spoilers. Yes, it is a very old Game, but for quite a few, the remake will be the first time they play Resident Evil 4.

It turns out that the demo for the Game has an exclusive, ultra difficult "Mad Chainsaw Mode". It seems that the mode appears at random, for anyone who has finished the demo at least once.

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