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Resident Evil 4 Players Have Already Figured Out How To Avoid Being Grabbed




Resident Evil 4 isn't even out yet but that hasn't stopped players figuring out that crouching before a Ganado grabs you will nullify the attack completely and leave Leon unharmed.

We're not far from the launch of Resident Evil 4 remake and to celebrate that fact, Capcom released a special demo called the Chainsaw Demo that lets fans try out the first half an hour of the Game, ending after the iconic village sequence (where Leon thankfully still says his bingo line). Despite being a short demo, it's packed with secrets for the player to find and has given some the chance to come up with some unique techniques.

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Take Redditor LustFire for example, who has figured out that, in specific conditions, it's possible to entirely avoid a Ganado's grab attack. LustFire posted a gif on the Resident Evil subreddit that showed the technique in action, and it's fairly easy to pull off. All you have to do is crouch when a Ganado grabs for you and they'll keep running towards you without the grab initiating. LustFire then showed off how to cut off a Ganado's arms by parrying, ending their grabbing days for good.


Having tried out this technique myself to make sure it works before writing about it, I can confirm that, after some trial and error getting used to the Ganado's movements, it does work and completely nullifies a grab. There are some concessions, however, that make it pretty situational and thankfully avoid it being Game-breaking.

For starters, the Ganado has to be in its default state and not the weird broken-neck variant that happens if you let them revive after being killed. For some reason, their grab cannot be dodged by crouching, which I can say from personal experience. The Ganado also has to be unarmed, so if it's got a weapon then you need to shoot it out of their hands. That means that there are only a few situations where this works, but it's reliable once you get the hang of it.

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