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Resident Evil 4 Mod Lets Leon Take His Willy Out




Resident Evil 4 Remake isn't even with us yet, and it's already got a thriving modding community. Far too thriving, some would say, as fans are making Leon hang dong in the recent Gameplay demo.

That's right - Leon's little Leon is there for us all to see, a week before the Game actually launches. Needless to say, fans have their priorities sorted too, as the Resident Evil 4 Remake Nexus Mods page is already full of lewd Leon creations, thirsting over his fancy new character model.

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When I say Leon has his willy out, I really do mean that Leon has his willy out. So follow this link to the mod's page at your own risk, and please don't say you weren't warned. Alas, I would probably lose my job if I shared it here uncensored. It's not a cartoony penis either, as the mod creator has gone to great lengths (ha) to make it look realistic.

As a bonus, we even get some Leon bum too. Some very weirdly overly detailed Leon bum. Like, you can see the blood vessels in that thing.

A mostly nude Leon from Resident Evil 4 Remake, with an image of a peach covering his bum

47 players have installed it so far, and honestly, I can see that number going up pretty quickly. Resi fans have long thirsted after the cast, especially Mr. Kennedy. And now that he's been given the current-gen remake treatment, it's safe to say that his stans are making the most of it. Of course, the entire cast will probably get nude mods once the Game is out, so have fun, PC players. Those of you on console will just have to use your imagination, I suppose.

This is far from the only example of Resident Evil fans having some fun with the new demo. As we reported earlier this week, Shrek is already in the Game, letting Leon take the ogre on in combat. Couple that with this nude mod, and you're in for the time of your life. And a Game build that's very hard to explain to anyone who walks in on you.

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