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Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Datamine Reveals Character Models, Playable Luis




Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries mode is coming to the remake next month, but it looks like the roster has already leaked. A dataminer has shared assets found within the remake's Game files, potentially giving us a look at the character that will be available in the free DLC.

Most notably, if the datamine is accurate, then it means that Luis will be playable, having not been an option in the original Mercenaries mode. He'll join Leon, Ada, Wesker, Jack, and Hunk, blasting his way through the Game mode when it launched on April 7.

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This comes courtesy of the Twitter account @biohazarddoctor, which shared findings from a Discord user called Gosetsu. The datamine also gives us a look at some of the different outfits available, with different looks for Leon and Ada present in the game's files.

Leon's alternate outfit is his pinstripe suit, which is already available in the base Game. Ada, on the other hand, gets to run around in a red dress again - which is much less practical, but stylish as hell. Alas, there's no sign of scene kid Ashley here. Truly devastating.

This datamine comes from the same source that said Separate Ways could also be added to the Resident Evil 4 Remake further down the line. Separate Ways is a mode from the original release that lets fans play as Ada, and it looks like Capcom is planning to give it the full remake treatment sometime after launch. Unlike Mercaneies, this hasn't even been confirmed yet, but there's enough going on in the Game files to suggest that it's actively in development, and will be added as DLC at a later date, likely after the Mercenaries update.

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