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Resident Evil 4 Gets Anime Miniseries That Looks Like A Studio Ghibli Production




Marketing a video Game is not an easy job. You need to spread the word about it, but also not reveal too much about the plot and certain mechanics. At the same time, you also have to show enough Gameplay to entice potential customers. You need to hit that fine balance, lest you become Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and everyone is put off by your live-service formula even before launch. However, marketing a remake – especially one as popular as Resident Evil 4 – gives you creative freedom.

That's exactly the kind of freedom that Capcom afforded itself when it decided to make an anime commercial for Resident Evil 4, styled pretty closely to something out of Studio Ghibli. Titled Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater, the video is just under a minute-long. It seems there will be more to follow as this one is labelled "EP 1" – Leon and the Mysterious Village.

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The video shows a smiling and relatively relaxed Leon approaching the village for the first time. Despite the smile, he's still got his gun drawn though. Casually searching for Ashley, he decides to ask one of the villagers if they've seen her. As if the menacing red eyes, pitchfork in hand, and garbled nonsense wasn't enough, he decides to ask another villager, and yet another.

It's perhaps when he is struck on the head with an axe and bleeds out a rainbow that he realises that the village spells trouble. As a special treat, the episode ends with a "You are Dead" screen showing Leon running over a rainbow with a bunch of Plagas-infected wolves. Maybe that's in the remake.

This isn't the only variant of Leon we've seen recently. As another marketing move, Claire and him have made their way into Fortnite. However, it appears that fans aren't too happy with these skins due to "inconsistent design choices", among other things. However, we also got a third redesign of Leon in an iconic style. Someone recreated the entirety of Resident Evil 4's intro sequence using only Lego. Well, it's actually a 3D animation which was made to look like stop-motion.

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