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Resident Evil 4 Fans Are Tricking Newcomers Into Shooting The Lake




If you shoot the lake in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you get a unique Leon Kennedy costume. No, really - go try it out! When you're done, come back and finish the article, yeah? The 'tricking' part of that pesky hed is an exaggeration, promise.

You back? Cool, yeah, a big fish monster eats you. It did in the original too, which is why vets are telling all the new players to go and do it. Someone probably did it to them back in the day, so it's only fair.

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Though, back then, I'd imagine it was a little more personal - telling your mates, passing it around at work, DMing your pals on TeamSpeak and Steam chat. I don't know, I was four when it came out. Now, it's all over Steam reviews and TikTok as a mass misinformation campaign, the end result being a bunch of poor newbies getting chomped on by a big mutant fish (thanks, Kotaku).

Resident Evil 4: Leon Fighting The Del Lago On A Boat

It's the same big mutant fish that serves as a boss fight, though it's a bit different than the usual parry-shoot-kick-knife-body-slam routine. You ride around in a boat dragged along by a harpoon stuck in Del Lago, who you chuck even more harpoons at. And dying to them early was such a big in-joke among fans that it became an achievement/trophy in the HD re-releases.

Maybe the worst offender of tricking new players in the remake is a TikTok clip from Gakidx which was uploaded on March 25. It says you can unlock a secret Leon outfit, so they shoot the lake to show all these poor unsuspecting viewers how to get it. The clip ends right before anything good (read: bad) happens. And this hit 910,000 views, so it's safe to say plenty of newbies saw it.

Steam meanwhile is full of reviews saying "Shoot the lake for extra items" which others are marking as "Helpful" to keep the joke going. Unfortunately, though, you won't get an achievement here. You'll just be plodded back to the last save point, left to feel a little silly and a smudge gullible. But hey, it's April Fool's Day soon.

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