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Red Dead Redemption Fans Share The Weirdest Unsolved Mysteries They Want Solved




Most of the time, when you finish playing a Game you should feel like everything is answered. Occasionally, some plot points will be left open-ended for a potential sequel, but usually, it’s all wrapped up in a bow. Then there's the Red Dead Redemption series, which laid out several mysteries for players to find in its open world and then never spoke of them again. Now players are coming together to share their favorite unsolved mystery from the Wild West series.

A Reddit thread found by the folks over at GamesRadar posed the question - “What is your favorite unsolved mystery” from Red Dead. This kicked off a thread of all the mysteries players have found within the Game and their CSI-like theories on what they could mean.


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One such mystery involves an ominous sign in the abandoned town of Pleasance. Travelling through the town, you can come across a barn with the phrase “Don’t Open, Plague” written in big letters. Some feel this isn’t a mystery and simply a nod to the cholera pandemic that swept through the Wild West. Others believe it could be foreshadowing some undead DLC.

Another mystery haunting the Red Dead community is the giant snake slithering around the sequel. While some argue that it is just a nod to the giant snake in The Jungle Book, others fear the legend of the robust reptile. There is also the “Donkey Lady” from the first game that was never answered. You know, the lady with the donkey head you come across in the original. Oh, and can’t forget that weird man in modern clothes you can run into that somehow knows everything about you.

These are just a few of the mysteries that plague the Red Dead community. While it is not likely Rockstar is prepared to solve any of these anytime soon, it is still fun to get together and speculate wildly.

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