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Red Dead Online Hackers Are Raining Boats On Players And Setting Horses On Fire




Last July, Rockstar announced that Red Dead Online wouldn't get any more "major themed content updates", putting the final nail in the coffin. But it's still fairly popular, though those on PC are reporting frequent run-ins with modders and hackers, some of which are even raining boats on top of people.

"Tried to say hello to a player, they responded with raining boats on me," u/Ctrl_alt_ya-yeet said. "Why are people like this?" They attached a photo of themselves standing on top of a roof with several gigantic ships awkwardly plotted around them - they aren't sailboats or small dingies either, but full industrial-sized ships.


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While funny in isolation, many in the comments shared similar stories of modders griefing their Game and making it unplayable. Some even claim that mod menus have a function that crashes your Game if you report them, so the best solution right now is to simply block and relog, hopefully entering a server without any hackers.

Last night, u/Paul1568 encountered such a modder who set their horse's hoofs on fire, which they said "looks pretty cool". It's a little less intrusive than flooding the map with gigantic boats (and a bit more fun, with one commenter likening it to Ghost Rider), but it's another testament to how many players on PC are running into hackers unchecked.

Posts have been cropping up all week complaining, with u/Brewskii__boi asking, "How do you deal with hackers? I've played 10 minutes and this dude is blatantly cheating and ruining the Game already." They refunded given that it was such a problem, and comments were quick to throw out solutions like switching to a new lobby. u/AntiMemeTemplar even has a macro to "reset [their] wi-fi for 1-2 sec[s]" as that puts you into a solo lobby. Others simply said how normal this is on PC, and that it's par for the course with Red Dead Online now.

Given how hackers have been running rampant in GTA Online on PC for years, it's not too surprising, but if you have another platform, maybe try Red Dead Online there instead.

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