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RE4 Remake's Merchant Can't Be Killed, But You Can Pelt Him With Eggs




Resident Evil 4 Remake is now in the hands of fans, and while the vast majority of the Game has stayed faithful to the original, there are some things that have changed. For example, in the original Game you could kill The Merchant, which would stop him from appearing in the Game from that moment on. Unfortunately, you can't do that in the remake, as the Game will stop you from even pointing your weapon in his direction. It's one thing that a large amount of fans were a little disappointed didn't make the leap.

However, there is a way you can irritate the Merchant, and it doesn't require firing a single bullet. Instead, if you reach into your attache case and grab one of the many eggs you're probably carrying, you'll find that the Game doesn't stop you from pelting The Merchant with them as much as you like.

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First shared by Suzi Hunter on Twitter, a video shows Leon with an egg in hand, aiming at The Merchant's head. Leon then sends the egg flying into The Merchant's innocent noggin, who shouts "Oi!" afterwards to let him know that he isn't a huge fan of being pelted with them. He should probably consider himself lucky though - at least it's not a bullet this time around.

Ever since release, other players have been finding plenty of cool little tricks just like this one, including something you can do to skip the village fight at the start of the Game. Those that have experienced the panic of staying alive in the village will know that the villagers give up trying to kill Leon once they hear the bell ring. It turns out that if you have a long-range weapon and a keen eye, you can shoot the church bell and make it ring yourself, skipping the fight entirely and saving yourself the stress of going up against Dr. Salvador.

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