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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Could Be Coming To PC, According To Job Listing




PlayStation has gradually been porting its console exclusives to PC, including The Last Of Us Part 1 which arrives on its new platform later this month. Ratchet & Clank appears to have been overlooked as Sony decides what's next, though. That will potentially change soon as early evidence suggesting Rift Apart may be the next PS Game to get the PC port treatment has surfaced.

Evidence that a Rift Apart port might be in the pipeline was posted on Reddit by Veloxz. Nixxes, a studio acquired by PlayStation in 2021, is currently on the hunt for a UI/UX engineer with “experience in using Coherent middleware”. Coherent Labs worked on, and designed the UI, for Rift Apart, hence the leap to assume the Ratchet & Clank Game might be the one Nixxes is working on right now.


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There's even more evidence to suggest Nixxes is hiring for a Rift Apart port. The studio is the same one that worked with Insomniac and PlayStation on the Spider-Man PC port, one that has generated a lot of success for all parties involved. It only makes sense that if PlayStation was in the market to port another Insomniac Game to PC, it would be using Nixxes to help make that happen.

Next Playstation to PC port from Nixxes from GamingLeaksAndRumours

If PlayStation is (sort of) working in order of release dates, Rift Apart might be next on the agenda. Spider-Man: Miles Morales launched in 2020 and has been ported to PC, Returnal was the last Game to get a port and originally launched in April 2021, and Rift Apart was the next exclusive after that, hitting shelves in June 2021. The Last Of Us Part 1 is the exception to that rule as it didn't arrive on PS5 until last year, but it's a remake and PlayStation likely wants to capitalize on the hype from the show.

Rift Apart broke ground when it launched on PS5. Not only because it wasn't available on PS4, but also because it arguably made the best use of the PS5's DualSense to date. It's been a little quiet on the Ratchet & Clank front since then, though. No new Game announcements on its 20th anniversary, just the arrival of an array of older Games in the series on PS Plus.

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