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Raid: Shadow Legends Announces Limited Web Series Beginning May 18




Today's article is (not) sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing Games of... You've heard the spiel. Nearly every big YouTube video nowadays starts with a sponsorship from this goliath Game, so it's no surprise that its success and popularity have earned it a limited web series.

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, it's being adapted into a ten-episode animated series called Raid: Call of the Arbiter beginning May 18. It has bagged producer Eric Rollman, former Marvel Television and Animation president, and showrunner Jay Oliva, known for directing Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and working as a storyboard artist for several MCU and DCEU projects.


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"There's been a significant demand from the players who want to know more about the story, more about the characters, more about the experiences," Pixel United CEO Michael Lang said. "[We were not] trying to follow all the other Game companies that have had some success of late in terms of their IP. It was really more coming out of our players wanting to extend the storyline of what this Game represents."

As for why it's being adapted as a web series that will be readily available for free on YouTube, Lang said that it wanted to "resonate in a global way" rather than putting it behind a paywall and US-centric streaming service. But if you haven't played Raid: Shadow Legends (you've probably heard of it, at least), it might be a good jumping-on point.

Raid: Shadow Legends got its start in 2018 as a mobile Game, later becoming available on PC in 2020. It's a turn-based gacha RPG set in Teleria which is under siege by Dark Lord Siroth, and you play as a Telerian warrior who was resurrected to stop them.

As for the Arbiter that the series is named after, they're the champion that introduces us to Teleria. She will even join your team after you complete the Tier 4 Missions, and she's part of the High Elf faction, alongside the likes of Elenaril and Yannica.

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