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Quadruple UFO Sighting Skyscraper Chile




of the witnesses, they say in the comments that it is about UAP or unidentified aerial phenomena. It could be anything and it could even be drones.
I’m not sure they’re drones just because of how tall they are and above skyscrapers so that’s pretty tall. I don’t think they are Military or police helicopters again because of how close these lights are to each other. If it’s helicopters, then it’s totally reckless flying due to how close they are. Police helicopters don’t usually fly that close and when was the last time you saw 4 helicopters lined up together, flying away from somewhere as one?

It’s never the answer to that.

Because we have not acknowledged them or had any clarification on this sighting, it is a UFO sighting until it is not.

Here is the extraordinary video that was sent to me today:

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