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PS5 Pro Could Reportedly Release Next Year




The rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro is in development, according to reports. While it may seem the PS5 is still in its relative infancy despite already being out coming up to three years, there has been talk that Sony is developing a Pro version of the console, in line with what it did in the previous gen with the PS4 Pro.

According to unnamed sourced cited by Insider Gaming, this has now been confirmed. The confirmation is that the PS5 Pro is in development and could release late 2024. This release window is tentative however, according to the outlet. It is "just the beginning of new hardware coming to PlayStation users this generation" one source told the publication.

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Insider Gaming previously reported that a new version of the PlayStation 5 was due to launch later this year. However, this would be a new model that simply had a detachable disc drive without any major changes to the internal hardware. The outlet said that the new model would come to replace the current PlayStation 5 in order to reduce costs on production and shipping. This is not the PS5 Pro, but apparently a Pro version is in development.

PS5 Pro

Any information regarding the specs of the PS5 Pro remains unknown, but it is known that PlayStation architect Mark Cerny has been working on Technology that can "accelerate" ray tracing performance in Games. Spotted by @Onion00048, a new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests it is looking to optimise ray tracing effects on PS5.

With the release of the PS4 Pro in the previous gen, Sony set a precedent for releasing a beefier version of its console. The PS4 Pro arrived three years after the release of the PS4, so the timeline that the PS5 Pro is supposedly going to release is plausible should this confirmation be true.

However, this console gen has faced difficulties with components after shortages related to the pandemic. Many could not buy a PS5 in previous years due to the lower supply, but in 2023 this has now stabilised and PS5 sales have been surging lately across various markets. But with this report, could it mean that some consumers will now hold out for a Pro version? We'll have to wait for an official announcement from Sony, but perhaps we may hear some news in a rumoured PlayStation Showcase before this year's E3.

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