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PS VR2 Reportedly Undersells As Analyst Says Price Cut "Will Be Needed"




PlayStation launched its PS VR2 headset last month and according to a new report, it hasn't enjoyed a very fruitful start to life. So much so that it's claimed Sony will need to consider a price cut for the headset if it wants the PS VR2 to enjoy any success as it moves beyond its first month on the market.

That's according to Bloomberg's Takashi Mochizuki who claims the PS VR2 has managed to sell just 270,000 units during its first month (thanks, Push Square). Mochizuki has claimed the headset's numbers have been so bad for the past four weeks that if PlayStation doesn't consider a price cut for its newest piece of tech, it may result in a “complete disaster”.


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It's worth noting these early PS VR2 numbers aren't coming from PlayStation but from research outlet IDC. While it's a good indicator of how well or poorly the PS5 accessory's first few weeks on the market have been, concrete numbers, and whether PlayStation is happy with them, won't be known until Sony decides to share them. Something that might not happen if the first month has gone as poorly as Bloomberg's report claims.


It's also worth noting Mochizuki was responsible for a pre-launch PS VR2 report that PlayStation publicly refuted. It was reported that PlayStation had cut production of the headset in half ahead of launch due to low pre-order numbers. PlayStation categorically denied those reports shortly after they started to circulate, claiming their targets had not changed and enthusiasm among PS5 owners for their new-gen VR system was high.

Whether the latest numbers and reports are accurate or not, there's no doubt the PS VR2 is pretty pricey. Not only is the headset currently more expensive than a PS5, but only those who already own PlayStation's latest console can use it. That means needing to own more than $1,000 worth of equipment if you want to make the jump into PlayStation's next generation of VR.

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