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PS VR2 Controllers Aren't Working For Many Due To Software Bug




The PS VR2 launch isn't going off without a hitch. Arriving earlier this week, fans have been treated to an incredible new way to play Gran Turismo 7, but an extremely frustrating new bug that prevents them from playing Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

At issue are the all-new Sense controllers. These controllers are more like what has become a traditional VR controller than the wands of the earlier PS VR, and while users are certainly appreciative of the enhanced ergonomics, they're less appreciative of its responsiveness. And by that I mean the buttons don't always work.

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Threads on both Reddit and ResetEra confirm some users are having issues with their Sense controllers where the buttons just don't seem to register in-Game. They work fine in the PS5 menus, but once they boot up a Game, they just cease to function. That's fine for Games like Gran Turismo 7, Tetris Effect, and Thumper, which use the standard DualSense controller, but it means that Games like No Man's Sky and Horizon: Call of the Mountain are completely unplayable.

Widespread Right Sense issues thread (can’t press X or R2 in games)
by u/HoodieTheCat78 in PSVR

Because the Sense controller still works on the PS5 menus, it's believed to be a software issue. The Reddit thread from user HoodieTheCat78 has a number of potential workarounds until Sony issues a fix, including turning both the affected and not-affected controllers off and on by holding the PS button down, resetting both controllers using a pin, disconnecting and then reconnecting the controllers, desyncing and resyncing both controllers, or just mashing buttons until they start working again.

Sony is definitely aware of the issue as several publications have reported on it, but so far, the PS VR2 manufacturer hasn't commented on when a fix might be available. Users in both the Reddit and ResetEra thread state that PlayStation customer service reps are saying a patch is on the way, so users will just have to be patient in the meantime.

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