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PS VR2 Charging Dock Could Melt Your Sense Controller




The PS VR2 is a marvel of VR hardware, but its launch isn’t going off without a hitch. We’ve already seen a software bug play havoc with the Sense controller’s connectivity, and now there are reports of problems with the PS VR2’s controller charging dock.

Over on the PSVR subreddit, user toystory2wasokay_ posted an image of their charging station melting the plastic around the plugs on the Sense controller. "The VR2 Controller charging station just burned up my VR controller," they said. "Went to pick up my controller only to find it melted into the charging station."

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The good news is that toystory2wasokay_ was able to return their melted Sense controller and charging dock to Best Buy for a refund. They received a brand-new PS VR2 free of charge and accepted money back for the charging station, fearing that there may be some hidden hardware flaw.

There was one other person on the thread who reported the "same thing" happened to them. "And I noticed it just today after coming back home being away most of the weekend," they said. "I shudder thinking about the consequences had I been less fortunate."

We still have no idea what happened to these Sense controllers. It might have been power surges at both homes that caused the charging dock to melt to the controller. Or, as one Reddit user suggests, it could be the magnet plugs picking up metal detritus and causing a short circuit.

"I stopped using anything that uses magnets on the plugs because it's dangerous, those magnets catch small particles of anything metallic and short circuit easily," wrote user Ill_Mathematician593. "Just look at one closely after a few weeks' use and unless you live inside a lab it will be full of metal 'dust.'"

The suggestion is to make sure the metal contacts are cleaned regularly to prevent this overheating issue. Or maybe just use a regular charging cord just to be safe, and certainly don't leave home with the Sense controller charging in the dock.

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