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Professor Layton And The New World Of Steam Reveals Luke's Return




Professor Layton and the New World of Steam just got a second teaser during Level5's Vision 2023 stream. It's an extended version of the clip we saw during the Nintendo Direct, but it ends with Luke Triton walking up to Layton in a steampunk vehicle that has mechanical legs instead of wheels, revealing his return.

This time around, Luke will be played by Mio Imada who you may know as Slice from My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising or Hinata Tachibana from Tokyo Revengers.

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Luke is Mayor Clark Triton's son, a friend of Layton, and has appeared in a slew of Games - Curious Village, Diabolical Box, Last Specter, Miracle Mask, and even VS Ace Attorney to name a few. In essence, he's the Watson to Layton's Sherlock, serving as his apprentice.

The teaser also revealed that the puzzles in this new Professor Layton Game will be designed by QuizKnock, a Japanese web media and YouTube channel with over two million subscribers that specialises in, as the name suggests, quizzes. However, we don't get to see any Gameplay, so we'll have to wait a little longer to find out just what those puzzles will look like.

Looking away from the Gameplay and into the story, The New World Of Steam "takes place one year after the events of Unwound Future, the third Game in the series". This Game sees Layton and Luke investigate a time machine built by Dr Alain Stahngun, with Luke even receiving a letter from his supposed future self. According to 'future' Luke, Layton leads a mafia-like mob and controls London, and so this alleged future Luke asks his past self to help him stop evil Layton. I won't spoil the twists or reveals, but if you want to get ready for this new Game, Unwound Future is worth playing. It's available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo DS, originally launching back in 2008.

Professor Layton and The New World of Steam doesn't have a release date yet, so there's plenty of time to try out the originals.

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