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Poseidon Crew Meets Season Target Despite Extreme Heat and Disappointing Nugget Find




On a scorching day approaching 40 degrees, a group of miners from the Poseidon crew were struggling to meet their season target in the gold fields of Victoria. Despite the unbearable heat, they had to dig and detect enough dirt to find 22 ounces to reach their 300 ounce season target. One miner wanted to leave school to pursue mining, but his father warned him of the hardship of working in such extreme weather conditions.

Suddenly, one of the miners found a five and a half thousand dollar nugget, indicating that substantial gold had been missed by previous miners who worked in the area more than a hundred years ago. The excitement was short-lived as they found a hammer instead of a chunk of gold, leading to disappointment and frustration.

The miners continued to work in the unbearable heat, with one miner experiencing a blood nose due to the hot, dry air that can rupture the tiny blood vessels in the nose. His father reminded him to drink more water and take a break if necessary. Eventually, another miner found a nice slug, giving them a chance to meet their season target.

The season was coming to an end, and the Poseidon crew was about to find out if they could hit their season target of 300 ounces. After a successful weigh-in, they discovered that the nugget find delivered the 22 ounces needed to reach their target. The season was finally over, and they could celebrate their hard work and success.