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Pokemon TCG's Paldea Evolved Expansion Introduces Tera Slowking And Dedenne ex




One of the biggest reasons Pokemon has enjoyed massive amounts of success for more than two and a half decades is its synergy. You can play the Games, watch the show, and of course, play the trading card Game. Scarlet & Violet will jump from the Games to the cards for the first time at the end of this month, and Pokemon has already what's coming next through its Paldea Evolved expansion.

While we've already seen the new starter Pokemon that will be added to the TCG via Scarlet & Violet's base set next week, a press release detailing the Paldea Evolved Expansion has revealed Slowking, Dedenne, and Forretress will all be getting Tera ex cards. The reveal also promises the art illustrations for those cards will fully capture the unique crystal effect sported by the terastallized Pokemon.


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Noted by Pokebeach, if Slowking has a different Tera type, it will be the first in the TCG to do so. A Pokemon's type changing when it terastallizes is commonplace in the Game, but every Tera card revealed so far has had the Pokemon keep its original type. While the three Pokemon mentioned above will be the only ones getting the Tera ex treatment in the expansion, 15 more will be getting regular ex cards. It will also include nine hyper rare gold etched cards.

pokemon tcg paldea evolved expansion pack
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While Scarlet & Violet's base set will include all of Paldea's starters, you'll have to wait until the expansion, which launches on June 9 in various regions around the world, for their fully-evolved cards. Meowscarada, Skeledirge, and Quaquaval will make their TCG debuts via Paldea Evolved, potentially explaining where the expansion gets its name.

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Pokemon TCG players. Not just because of all the new cards arriving between now and June, but also because of the original cards that will be making a return. Announced during the Presents on Pokemon Day, a set called Pokemon TCG Classic will launch later this year. Recreations of some of the very first Pokemon cards ever made, collated into a set that Pokemon claims will last you a lifetime.

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