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Pokemon Sleep Re-Revealed




Pokemon Sleep has just been re-revealed after years of silence. This comes during today's Pokemon Presents, which also reveals exactly how the longawaited Game will work.

Pokemon Sleep will launch later this year. It will work alongside the new Pokemon Go Plus Plus device, which should be with us in July.

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While we already knew what Pokemon Sleep would - you guessed it - monitor our sleep, we now know that it will also include a mini Pokemon adventure of its own. By getting a good night's rest, we'll help a professor study the sleep styles of various Pokemon. We'll even even bond with Pokemon who sleep in a similar manner to us, as the app categories our rest into dozing, snoozing, slumbering, and more.


Pokemon Sleep was initially announced in 2019. But no other details about it were shared since then. However, only two days ago we reported that the Game's long-established website suddenly redirected to today's Pokemon Presents page. This stirred fans into theorizing that a Pokemon Sleep announcement was imminent for today.

However, this wasn't the only clue we got about a re-reveal for Pokemon Sleep. Putting the website through Wayback Machine reveals an archived version of the site that redirected to a patent for Pokemon Sleep, published November 17, 2022. The patent revealed some basic details about how the app would track sleep patterns, rewarding enough hours of rest a day by making Pokemon grow and level up, and also tell how much light, deep and REM sleep a user gets per night.

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