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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Sandwich Bug Sends Trainers Into Space




Certainly, the tastiest new addition in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been the new sandwich miniGame. While the animation of your trainer consuming a sandwich is laughable, the sandwiches themselves look pretty good--good enough that a group of YouTubers actually recreated Scarlet & Violet's sandwiches in real life.

There have also been some unintended consequences of the new sandwich mechanic. One of them is the unofficial miniGame Sandwich Tower, where you try and pile bacon slices as high as you can. Another to come from Japanese social media has been dubbed "Sandwich Explosives," so called because it explosively sends the player into orbit.

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Here's how the bug works: first, head to West Province (Area One) and get on top of the lighthouse. Next, sit down for a picnic, but position yourself such that the table clips through one of the tall pillars. Now, make a sandwich, but place the ingredients so they fall on the pillar and not the sandwich. Done correctly, you'll start seeing the camera crawl up the pillar with each new ingredient placed until the Game completely breaks and sends you beyond the stratosphere.

There are a few very interesting observations to be made this far above the Paldea Region. Chief among them is that the world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is round and not flat. A close second, however, is that the world changes color depending on the time of day. In the evening, the world's color is dark navy, while the daytime is bright blue. The evening is a reddish hue. Presumably, this is all so the world's lighting remains believable throughout the day/night cycle.

According to Destructoid, the bug is difficult to replicate, so don't expect to start your own Pokemon space program on the first try. But I'd still encourage trainers to try this bug at least once for the awe-inspiring view and the change in perspective astronauts report whenever they return from orbit.

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