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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Next 7-Star Raid Adds Decidueye To The Games




As the wait for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's DLC continues, more of what you'll be able to do in the meantime has been revealed. The next Pokemon getting a seven-star Tera raid has been announced. Decidueye, and the Grass and Ghost-type's raid will begin next week on March 16.

Decidueye follows in Pikachu's seven-star raid footsteps after the gen-one Pokemon got a difficult raid to celebrate Pokemon day at the end of last month. Much like Pikachu, the Tera raid Decidueye can only be caught once per save, but you will be able to participate in the raid, and potentially help others, as many times as you like.

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The Decidueye you catch will also have the Mightiest Mark, showing you caught it in the raid, and you'll have two opportunities to catch it. Unlike Pikachu, but like other Tera raids so far in Scarlet & Violet, Decidueye raids will be available throughout Paldea on two occasions. Between March 16 and March 19 for your first chance, and if you don't manage to beat the raid and catch the Pokemon on that occasion, Decidueye will be back between March 23 and March 26. All raid details can be found at


Decidueye isn't currently available in Scarlet & Violet, so success in this raid will be key for anyone who wants their Paldean Pokedex to truly remain complete. The number of Pokemon available in the new Games has gradually been increasing, and there are rumors its Pokedex number will jump significantly when its DLC becomes available. By as many as 230 Pokemon, not including the new ones that have been officially revealed, if those leaks are to be believed.

Many of you will already be hard at work determining which Pokemon will be best to take on Decidueye. It's also worth noting its Tera type will be Flying, so factor that into your team building. Game Freak really amped up the difficulty with its Pokemon Day Pikachu raid last month as some of you labeled it impossible.

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