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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Label Decidueye Raid The Easiest So Far




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Pokedex grew a little over the weekend as Decidueye was introduced via the Games' latest seven-star raid. A potentially daunting challenge considering what has come before, but apparently not. In fact, a number of you have labeled the Decidueye raid Scarlet & Violet's easiest to date, adding the Ghost and Grass-type to your collections with relative ease.

Six and seven-star raids were added to Scarlet & Violet to give trainers harder challenges than ever before via raids in Pokemon's latest Games. The new raids have varied in difficulty as Game Freak has tried to gauge just how hard they need to be. Judging by your reactions on social media, it has veered a little too close to the easy end of the scale when it comes to Decidueye.

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Serebii's Joe Merrick labeled Decidueye's Scarlet & Violet introduction the easiest seven-star raid so far. Unlike all of the other Pokemon to get the seven-star treatment, Decidueye wasn't given anything to counter what trainers would counter its expected moves with, thus leaving the Pokemon at the mercy of pretty much any trainers who even remotely knew what to take with them into battle against an overpowered Decidueye.

If you were deterred by the incredibly difficult Mightiest Pikachu raid added to Scarlet & Violet to celebrate Pokemon Day, the bad news is the somewhat easier Decidueye raid has now been and gone. The good news is it isn't gone for good. Decidueye's seven-star raid will return to Paldea on March 23 and be playable until March 26. It will presumably be the same Decidueye as was available last weekend unless Game Freak gets wind of just how easy you all found it.

The frequent addition of new raids is probably the best way to keep yourselves occupied in Scarlet & Violet while you wait for its DLC. Announced on Pokemon Day, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero's first part will launch later this year with part two coming before the end of 2023.

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