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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Shares Shiny Voltorb Hunting Trick




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet might only be three months old, but many of you reading this have probably finished the Game and completed its Pokedex. If that's you, then you may well be hunting down all of the Games' shiny Pokemon. Anyone still trying to add Voltorb to that particular checklist might want to take note.

Pokemon's overworld has changed massively since Red & Blue. No more wandering around aimlessly in tall grass hoping to find the right Pokemon. Most are right there for you to see and catch in Scarlet & Violet. However, if you're looking for a shiny version of a particular Pokemon, and that shiny version isn't there, you either need to look elsewhere or return to that area once those Pokemon have respawned.


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Well, unless you're looking for Shiny Voltorb. If you're yet to encounter a Voltorb in Scarlet & Violet, the Pokemon will flash and explode if you get too close. Most of the time that's super annoying. However, if you're trying to get rid of a group of regular Voltorb so some new ones, and hopefully a shiny, will spawn, it's actually a pretty helpful feature.

McFluzz shared the above clip in which they ride past a group of wild Voltorb on their Koraidon. All of the Voltorb flash and then explode, prompting new Pokemon to appear in their place. It's also not as risky a method as it seems since Game Freak has been incredibly kind and made sure Shiny Voltorb are less prone to explode when approached. So very little risk of blowing up a shiny hidden in the middle of the group.

Turns out Voltorb isn't the only shiny Pokemon you can hunt this way in Scarlet & Violet. If you're looking for a Shiny Sandyghast, then trainers in the replies to the post above have recommended doing it in the rain. That's because Sandyghast will melt in the rain, unless they're shiny, meaning they disappear and respawn at a much faster rate than usual, just like the exploding Voltorb. Hopefully, shiny hunters will be given more Pokemon to hunt in Scarlet & Violet if DLC is announced at next week's Pokemon Presents.

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