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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Had A DLC Teaser Hiding In Plain Sight Since Launch




Monday's Pokemon Presents might not have had everything fans hoped for, but there was still plenty to get excited about. It closed with Scarlet & Violet's DLC reveal. Dubbed The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, part one of the additional content, The Teal Mask, will arrive in the fall, and turns out a teaser for it has been hiding in plain sight since the Games launched.

SoulSilverArt was shown the easter egg by LumiosePost and shared the evidence on Twitter. The image advertising The Teal Mask DLC, a green poster with yellow writing and other images, can be seen on the outer wall of Scarlet & Violet's Treasure Eatery. A famous eating establishment in Paldea, as the gentleman outside claims, but you'll have only heard of it if you've made it to Medali.

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If you have visited Medali and completed the town's gym challenge, then you will have walked past, and possibly even looked at, The Teal Mask poster. Before you can challenge the Medali gym leader Larry, trainers must battle various other hopefuls dotted around the town. Once you have beaten them all, you'll be able to order the secret menu item and challenge Larry for your next badge.

Even though you would have walked past and potentially noticed The Teal Mask poster, before this week the image would have meant nothing to you. Had Game Freak popped “DLC” or even “coming soon” on the image then yes, many of you will have spotted it weeks ago and started trying to piece together what the DLC will be about and where it might take us.

Even though we now have concrete information about the DLC, it's still unclear how exactly the two-part expansion will build on Scarlet & Violet's story. It seems likely a new Pokemon called Terapagos will be at the center of it. Many of you have already noticed Terapagos appears to be the same shape as Paldea. That has to mean something, right?

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