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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Is Set In New Kitakami Region




Tuesday's Pokemon Presents ended with confirmation Scarlet & Violet will get DLC this year. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will be split into two parts, the first launching this fall and then part two shortly after. As for where you'll begin your new adventure, the DLC will introduce a new region called Kitakami.

Referred to as the Land of Kitakami by Nintendo, nothing much about the new area has officially been revealed. However, according to Centro Leaks, Kitakami is referred to as a comarca. The name given to smaller regions within Spain, Portugal, and some of the countries' former colonies around the world. Basically what counties are to the UK.

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So far, Kitakami only appears to be tied to the first part of Scarlet & Violet's DLC which has been dubbed The Teal Mask. Centro Leaks adds that another new region, probably similar in size, will be introduced for part two, The Indigo Disk. Interesting as many players believed an inaccessible area of Paldea would play host to Scarlet & Violet's DLC. Perhaps Game Freak has other plans for that.

The line between what has been officially confirmed and what is merely a leak at this point has become a little blurred in the hours since the DLC was announced. That the expansion will include four new Pokemon and take place in a new, smaller region called Kitakami is official. That the DLC will also reintroduce 230 pre-existing Pokemon to the Game, bringing the total in Scarlet & Violet to 634 with the new additions, hasn't been confirmed, but a list of what those Pokemon will be has been leaked.

While Tuesday's Pokemon Presents certainly didn't include everything fans were hoping to see, it was still pretty packed with special reveals. One of the biggest reveals was that Pokemon Sleep is still a thing and will hopefully launch this summer. A new claymation anime created in partnership with Netflix called Pokemon Concierge was also teased.

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