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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Confirmed, The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is getting a two-part expansion, The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero. Part one will launch this Autumn, with part two following in Winter.

The expansion will stick with the theme of past and present, with the first part of the trailer being incredibly reminiscent of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. From the artstyle to the environment, Game Freak seems to have drawn inspiration from Legends: Arceus for the past segments of the Game, with the future giving us something new entirely.

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Part one of the DLC, The Teal Mask, will launch this autumn, although we have no specific date outside this release window. The next part, The Indigo Disk, should be with us shortly after in the winter, so both parts are aiming for a 2023 release.

These release dates seem to be pretty ambitious. Unless they're hit with a delay, it means we might have two expansions to get through just after Scarlet & Violet's first birthday.

While this might not be so strange for any other Game, such a huge expansion just a year after launch is a tall order considering the state of Scarlet & Violet. While bug fixes have rolled out since its release last November, it's still far from the quality we've come to expect. In fact, a recent patch had to remove content from the open world in order to improve the Game's performance, when the environment was already criticised for being bare.

Regardless, Game Freak is ploughing ahead with a similar DLC strategy to Sword & Shield. And given how well Scarlet & Violet performed commercially (if not critically) we can probably expect these expansions to sell well too when they're with us later this year.

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