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Pokemon's Ash And Pikachu Flashbacks Have Begun, And Fans Aren't Ready




Pokemon fans outside of Japan haven't been forced to start saying goodbye to Ash and Pikachu yet. However, the OG Pokemon trainer's final run of episodes is already halfway done in Japan, and a montage from the most recent episode showcasing Ash and Pikachu's best moments has really struck a chord.

Naturally if you're waiting for the episodes to air in the west to avoid spoilers, you might want to stop reading here. The latest episode to air in Japan focuses on Ash and Pikachu getting separated (thanks, Comicbook), something that has happened pretty often over the years. A Team Rocket explosion takes Pikachu away from his trainer, forcing him to team up with the enemies' Meowth who might well be the Pokemon he has battled most throughout his run.

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Though separate, Ash and Pikachu are clearly connected as they both stare up at the moon at the same time. If Pikachu clutching Ash's hat doesn't pull at your heartstrings, the montage that proceeds to play on the moon probably will. A selection of famous Ash and Pikachu moments from throughout their 25-year run as the anime's lead characters.

It begins with the first time the two of them ever met. Ash showing up late to pick up his starter Pokemon in episode one and being given a troublesome Pikachu who then electrocutes him. It also shows the pair fleeing from a flock of angry Spearow which Pikachu eventually fights off to protect his new trainer, and the world's most famous Pokemon refusing Ash's thunder stone offer when he tries to aid his recovery.

After Ash's final run comes to an end, a new series focused on Paldea will air starting on April 14. The anime's new protagonist will be a character called Liko who fans currently know very little about. Liko will be joined by Roy who hails from Kanto and will bring a new Pokeball to the series. An air date for Ash's final run, and a debut date for the new series, outside of Japan hasn't been revealed.

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