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Pokemon Reveals Preview Of Ash's Last Episode




After more than 20 years, Ash Ketchum is going to be giving up his position as the primary protagonist of the Pokemon anime adaptation. The final episodes of Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master will feature the beloved trainer as he encounters friends and Pokemon from his past including Laprus, Squirtle, and Butterfree in addition of course to Misty and Brock.

The eleventh episode of the series, currently scheduled to air in Japan on March 24, is going to mark the end of Ash's journey as lead character. New images from this final installment reveal poignant reunions that are sure to tug at the heartstrings of longtime fans.

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Ash's departure will pave the way for two new trainers, Liko and Roy, to take over as the main characters in the next season of the anime adaptation. These new trainers will bring two Mysterious artifacts with them on their journey and a new Pikachu, known as Captain Pikachu, will join the cast as a supporting character along with yet another trainer, Friede. The identity of the antagonists in the upcoming season remains unknown, but fans are eagerly waiting to see whether the notorious Team Rocket will make a comeback or if a new threat will emerge to take on these intrepid trainers.

Although Ash and Pikachu will no longer be the stars of the show, the next season of Pokemon is set to air in Japan on April 14. While a few details about Liko and Roy's journey have been revealed, fans are still waiting on the specifics.

The final episode of Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master will be called Rainbow and the Pokemon Master. This promises to be an emotional finale, leaving fans with a lasting impression of Ash’s long legacy. Pokemon has on the other hand been hinting that Ash could be making a return at some point in the future, giving fans hope that he may be seen again someday.

While his time as the star of the Pokemon anime adaptation is coming to an end, Ash will continue to inspire fans for years to come. As they bid farewell to this beloved character, the future of the Pokemon universe remains bright. With new trainers, Pokemon, and adventures on the horizon, there are endless possibilities for the series.

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