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Pokemon Presents Confirmed For Pokemon Day, February 27




Another Pokemon Presents is on the way, set for February 27. This coincides with the annual Pokemon Day, suggesting that we'll get some substantial news on updates to existing Games, and perhaps even some new title reveals.

This comes amid rumours that we're set to get another Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, as previous series developer, Spike Chunsof, was spotted on the Pokemon Day webpage. If the studio is involved in the February 27 celebrations in any capacity, it is most likely in relation to a new Mystery Dungeon game, having worked on the series since the originals in 2005.

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While we get livestreams like this every Pokemon Day, this year's showcase has no shortage of titles to boast. From Pokemon Go, Unite, Scarlet & Violet, and more, there are so many opportunities for Game updates. Given Scarlet & Violet's relatively recent launch too, we can expect something big for that, perhaps even DLC. Although to be honest, Nintendo might want to get the base Game in order first.


Other than that, many of us will also be keeping our fingers crossed for something Mystery Dungeon related. The last Game we got in this spin-off series was 2020's Rescue Team DX, now released almost exactly three years ago. And with the developer's name spotted in the metadata for the Pokemon Day webpage, it's looking pretty optimistic.

While it isn't rumoured, it's possible that we'll see Game Boy Pokemon Games ported onto Switch via the online subscription. This would make sense, given that other Game Boy Games recently got the same treatment.

Of course, we'll just have to wait and see what Pokemon Day 2023 has in store for us. Fans are already getting their bingo cards ready though, so it's safe to say that expectations are high.

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