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Pokemon Go Quest Asks Player To Travel From US To Mexico In Two Days




Region-locked Pokemon have been the bane of Pokemon Go players' lives ever since the Game launched in 2016. However, none appear to have bothered players as much as the recently introduced Hawlucha. Exclusive to Mexico for an undetermined amount of time, one trainer has revealed they were taunted extra hard by Niantic as their timed research asked them to leave the US and Travel to Mexico to spin Pokestops.

Pokemon Go players lucky enough to be happily spinning Pokestops in Mexico have got some timed research to complete to celebrate Hawlucha's arrival. The Choose Your Fighting Type Research which includes spinning a number of Pokestops to unlock rewards, but as already stated, only if you're in Mexico. However, at least one of you has access to the research, and it's not entirely clear why.

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Baroque1750 shared a screenshot of the research on Pokemon Go's subreddit (thanks, Dexerto) showing that they have access to it. However, they also reveal they don't live in Mexico. Revealing that they live in the US, others questioned how far from the US/Mexico border they are, suggesting the app might well think they're on the other side of it.

Lol are they for real? I live in the US from pokemongo

Turns out Baroque1750 lives in San Diego. So close to Mexico, but probably not close enough that Pokemon Go should think they're no longer in the US. Most interesting of all is to have unlocked the page Baroque has shared a screenshot of, they would have needed to complete page one. One of the tasks on the first page is to spin a single Pokestop in Mexico.

That means they've either been to Mexico recently to spin a stop, or Pokemon Go has inaccurately determined one of their nearby stops as being south of the border. Others have urged them to try and find that stop if it's the latter and spin it until they get their rewards. That might well result in a Hawlucha encounter, allowing them to be one of very few people outside of Mexico to get one. Elsewhere in Pokemon Go, some players have reported their Scarlet & Violet saves corrupting when pairing it with the mobile Game.

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