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Pokemon Go Limits Remote Raids And Makes Passes More Expensive




Niantic has finally bitten the bullet and confirmed rumors that have been swirling for a little more than a month. That it will soon put a limit on how many Remote Raids players can participate in per day in Pokemon Go. Not only that, but it will also increase the price of Remote Raid Passes when bought individually and as part of a pack of three.

The bad news for those of you who prefer to raid remotely was broken via a blog post on Pokemon Go's website. Niantic revealed starting from April 6, Remote Raid Passes will cost 195 PokeCoins each, up from 100 PokeCoins, and a pack of three passes will cost 525 PokeCoins, increased from 300 PokeCoins.

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The biggest blow for some of you may well be the limit as opposed to the price, especially since Niantic has confirmed Remote Raid Passes will still be up for grabs as rewards for completing research breakthroughs. Again starting from April 6, Pokemon Go players will only be able to participate in a maximum of five Remote Raids per day. That maximum may well be increased for special events.

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Remote Raids were introduced in 2020 as one of many ways to make sure players could continue enjoying Pokemon Go during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Game built on going outside and playing with others, lockdowns naturally hindered that. Niantic clearly believes now the world isn't in the grips of a pandemic, the features it introduced off the back of it can now be rolled back, even though they made the Game easier to play and more enjoyable for many, pandemic or not.

“Remote Raid Passes have come to dominate the experience of playing Pokemon Go in a way we never intended,” Niantic's post reads. “We believe this change is necessary for the long-term Health of the Game, and we do not make it lightly.” It's clear a lot of players are unhappy about the imminent changes, especially those who live in areas away from towns and cities, potentially miles from the nearest gym and even further from the next regular Pokemon Go player.

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