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Pokemon Fans Think That New Legendary Terapagos Is Paldea Itself




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will grow significantly later this year via a significantly-sized DLC split into two parts. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero which will come with new areas and new Pokemon. One of those Pokemon will be a turtle-like creature called Terapagos, and some trainers think the new 'mon is Paldea itself.

You'd think more than 1,000 Pokemon later, it would be tricky for those designing new creatures for the Games' growing universe to come up with new and unique ideas. Terapagos is certainly that, though. Effectively a crystal turtle in appearance, Terapagos has 18 tiles on its back, each of which represents a different Pokemon type. Its type is currently unknown, but those tiles may well mean it can adopt the strengths and weaknesses of any and all 18 types.

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As noted, what some of you have already picked up on is the shape of Terapagos. Mootmonthly appears to have been the first Pokemon fan to point out that the new 'mon is almost the exact same shape as the Paldea region. A picture of Terapagos flying above Paldea shows everything from its head in the bottom left corner to the great crater being represented by the hexagonal crystal right in the middle of Terapagos's back.

If Terapagos and Paldea are the same shape by design and this isn't just one big coincidence, which seems unlikely, that could mean a few things. Mootmonthly suggests Terapagos is actually Paldea. That our latest Pokemon journey has been playing out in Scarlet & Violet on the new turtle's back. It's also feasible Terapagos is a regular-sized Pokemon intrinsically connected to Paldea and that's why it is the same shape as the new region.

Paldea will only be Pokemon's newest region until part one, dubbed The Teal Mask, of Scarlet & Violet's DLC launches this fall. At that point, a smaller region called Kitakami will open up for trainers to explore. The Presents during which the DLC was revealed also included the re-reveal of Pokemon Sleep, and a claymation series coming to Netflix called Pokemon Concierge.

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