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Pokemon Fans Are Refusing To Play Scarlet & Violet Until Save Wipe Bug Is Fixed




Earlier this month, it was discovered that a select few Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players were having their saves completely wiped due to data corruption, resulting in the loss of hours of progress, hundreds of Pokemon, and beloved team members. It's an issue that's not going to go away any time soon, mainly because Game Freak is reportedly struggling to reliably recreate the bug and we still don't know what's causing it. It was suggested that potentially downloading the DLC or interacting with Pokemon Go was the cause, though this doesn't appear to be the case for everyone.

As a result, many have decided to stop playing the Game entirely on the off-chance that their saves could be corrupted, even if that chance is miniscule. Many players are complaining on the Game's subreddit that they'll be forced to miss out on the Decidueye raid event as well as any other future events, simply because they're too nervous to start playing again due to the fear of having their save wiped.

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"I am not even booting the Game at this point, I don't have the heart to play this buggy mess all over again. Not to account the shinies I would lose if I am affected by the save-deleting bug," says u/MarcosInu, a very common story throughout the replies to the Reddit post you can find embedded below. "I didn’t started the Game anymore after getting the Walking Wake and the other one. I'm to afraid to turn it on again," says u/Adept-Win7882.

Another player called u/Careful_Bye8725 describes have scared they are of losing their completel living Pokedex and hordes of shiny Pokemon, while plenty of people are calling on Game Freak to finally implement cloud saves into the Pokemon series to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. With no patch in sight and still no word from Game Freak about when to expect one, it seems like we'll have to very carefully play Pokemon for a while yet.

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