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Pokemon Fan Figures Out How To Rescue Your Abandoned Red & Blue 'Mons




For a lot of you reading, chances are you have a loose copy of either Pokemon Red or Blue rattling around in your attic or basement somewhere back from when you were a kid. If you do, it's also highly likely you have a team of Pokemon sat on that Game that you raised and had to abandon due to the lack of trading functionality between generations. The same goes for all of the other GameBoy Games like Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal, each one unable to support the cross generation trading seen in all of the later titles.

However, one Pokemon fan has managed to figure out a way to save your childhood Pokemon, letting you trade from Games such as Red & Blue to more compatible titles like Ruby & Sapphire (thanks GamesRadar). For those unaware, Game Freak has done a great job giving you the chance to transfer the Pokemon you've captured across pretty much every Game in the series to the Nintendo Switch, letting you gather up all of your Pokemon from across different systems and access them all from one place.

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Generation 3 was as far back as trading went though, meaning all the Pokemon you caught in generations before that would be trapped there forever. With u/Lorenzooone's recently released GBA homebrew - that was first shared to the Pokemon subreddit - that's no longer the case, as you can now transfer your Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon to any of the existing Gen 3 Games and then trade them to another Game in the series via Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home from there.

Obviously, it requires a bit of set up and more than a bit of homebrew knowledge, but there is a handy video by u/Lorenzooone that has been embedded above that walks you through the process. If you're up for the challenge, the only thing you need to find yourself to pull this off is an official Game Boy link cable to attach your Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance together. Now go and save your poor abandoned Pokemon, they've been waiting for quite a while.

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