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Pokemon Anime's New Protagonists Liko And Roy Are Getting Their Own Manga Series




With only two episodes of Ash and Pikachu to go, Pokemon is fully gearing up for the arrival of Liko and Roy, a duo that will likely take over the Pokemon anime series for many years to come. We don't know much about them at the moment, except that they both hold Mysterious objects that we don't know the true purpose of. We already know that the next season of the anime kicks off on April 14 in Japan, but it's now been announced that Liko and Roy will be getting their own manga series as well.

First shared by Manga Mogura RE on Twitter (thanks Nintendo Life), we only have the manga's front cover to go off of, but it features both Liko and Roy as well as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's trio of starters. Liko's pendant and Roy's Mysterious new PokeBall both also feature quite prominently on the cover, suggesting these items will play a big part in both the upcoming anime and manga series.


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Obviously, the manga is releasing exclusively in Japan and is based on the upcoming series. It will begin in the upcoming issue of Monthly Corocoro and will release on April 14, the same day as the anime. It's safe to assume that there won't be many ways to get your hands on Monthly Corocoro unless you live in Japan, but you could import each issue or just try and grab a digital copy.

Liko and Roy are sure to bring a bit of fresh air to the Pokemon series, but it's still going to be difficult to say goodbye to Ash. In fact, a new ad has been tugging on the heartstrings of Pokemon fans in Japan, showcasing every capture that Ash has ever made on his journey to become the very best. It's been one hell of a ride.

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