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Pokemon Anime Ads In Japan Show Every Catch Ash Has Ever Made




Pokemon fans are preparing for the final appearances of Ash and his Pikachu in what will likely be the most emotional episode of the anime ever. Ash says farewell to the show later this month, and to make sure as many people as possible know about it, Pokemon has been running an ad that features all of the trainer's biggest moments, including every 'mon he caught during his journey.

Shared by Oricon News (thanks, Joe Merrick), the ad can be found in Japan's Shinjuku Station, and it's pretty special. The screens stretch on so far that you can't see where they begin and end. The video begins with what is presumably a clip from the final episode before fading to black and returning with images of Ash from the opening of the very first season of the anime.


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The images may well have been pulled from the remake of that iconic original opening, something Pokemon has already confirmed to be a part of Ash's finale. Various milestones from throughout Ash's time on the show then proceed to play out across all of the screens. Those moments include every time he has caught a Pokemon, every time one of those Pokemon has evolved, and every final league match he has comPeted in, including his long overdue World Championship win.

The Pokemon Ash has caught along the way have been a big focus of his final run. The world's most famous Pokemon trainer has been reunited with his Butterfree, his Lapras, and Latias and Latios will return to the anime before he leaves. If you can't make it to Japan to see the spectacular ads for yourselves, a preview for the finale has already been released.

Ash leaving the anime doesn't mean the end of the show, of course. Pokemon's protagonist will be replaced by Liko, a new female hero who will take the reigns. Liko will be joined by Roy, and Ash's Pikachu will be replaced by Captain Pikachu. A seafaring version of the famous Pokemon complete with a captain's hat.

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