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PlayStation Fans Want To Revive Resistance To Try And Compete With Call Of Duty




Earlier this month, Microsoft seemed to lose its rag a little in its ongoing arguments with Sony over the acquisition Activision Blizzard. Sony has continually argued that Call of Duty shouldn't be made exclusive to one system as it would drastically effect comPetition, claiming nothing could replace it. Microsoft argued that Sony should just make its own series if it so worried about losing Call of Duty, which has prompted fans to go digging into the developer's vaults to see if anything could be a potential comPetitor.

In a recent poll conducted on ResetEra, fans were asked which of three former PlayStation shooters they'd like to see revived to become a true rival to Call of Duty - Killzone, Socom, or Resistance. It was the latter that ended coming out on top, as many recalled the good times they had with Resistance 2 and 3 back when Insomniac weren't developing Games that featured web-slingers or furry animal mascots.

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LossAversion explains that the series' "alternate History approach" was great and that a potential reboot of the franchise from the Insomniac we know today could be a winner, while Strike thinks that the series could be a lot more interesting if it leaned into "full horror" since it already has quite spooky vibes. There're also a lot of calls for remasters of the first three Games, something which could be a good way for Sony to gauge potential interest in a new title without breaking the bank.

A skull with four eye sockets and sharp fans sits on the ground amidst barbed wire.

While Resistance won the poll, it turns out that there are still a lot of people holding a candle for Killzone. The last game in the series was Killzone: Shadowfall which launched a little under a decade ago, and those in the thread seem to have fond memories of Killzone 2's multiplayer mode. Be it Resistance or Killzone, it's seems that Sony has some decent IP to fall back on should it want to make its own premium FPS series, though it's probably hoping right now it can cling onto Call of duty for the time being.

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