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Players Buy Single-Building Ostriv DLC To Support Ukrainian Developer




Players of the city builder Ostriv are showing their support for the game's Ukrainian developer Yevheniy, purchasing a brand new piece of downloadable content called Patron of the Arts. This features a single building, but has been flying off the digital shelves on Steam, due mostly to its unique purpose.

Ostriv is currently still in Early Access, having been in development since 2014. The Game has a unique focus on historic accuracy which has garnered a cult following amongst city building enthusiasts. As a small independent developer, Yevheniy has however been struggling to keep up with the financial demands of Game development, particularly given the circumstances concerning the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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In order to support Yevheniy and the ongoing development efforts, the Ostriv community has come together to purchase this new DLC, Patron of the Arts. The building in question serves no functional purpose in the game, but players have been purchasing the structure as a way to show their support for Yevheniy in these troubled times.

“For those who want to show their support for the developers of Ostriv and become a ‘patron of the arts,’ we've created this DLC featuring a nice new baroque monument that will commemorate the awesome Ostriv community which has been extremely helpful throughout the years of development,” the official description on Steam explains. “While the DLC is entirely optional and purely decorative, we're grateful to anyone who chooses to purchase it and contribute to the ongoing development of Ostriv.”

Patron of the Arts can be found for sale on Steam at around $10, all proceeds going towards supporting Yevheniy's development efforts on Ostriv. The DLC has already been generating quite a bit of attention, with many players leaving positive reviews praising Yevheniy and the dedication of the developer to creating an immersive and historically accurate city building experience. “Never have I been so happy to see a Game update as when I saw this! I love this Game and have been with it since it first came out,” a user on Steam going by the name of Iros explained. “I’m happy for the update, but I’m more happy to see that you're OK!” Iros went on to say “God bless all of you in Ukraine! Stay safe and hugs to you and your family.”

The success of this DLC highlights the power of community within the Games industry. Players have clearly been coming together in support of Yevheniy, not because they expect anything much in return, but because they believe in the developer’s creative vision and want to see Ostriv succeed in spite of a war which seemingly has no end in sight. This kind of community support is rare within just about any industry and shows that video Games are about more than just Entertainment, being a way for people to come together, connect, and support something which they believe in.

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