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Pimples, bug bites and ingrown hairs: The nine blemishes one TikToker discovered were all cancers




A 40-year-old US woman who has had nine different skin cancers removed has revealed that every single time she went to get them checked, she had initially thought they were harmless blemishes.

Acne, bug bites, and even ingrown hairs were the TikToker’s immediate concerns, but doctors revealed each time they were all basal cell carcinomas (BCC) — and now she has a warning.

Molly was 35 when she became aware of her first cancer. She had gone to a dermatologist to check on an itchy, occasionally bleeding, bump on her leg, but the doctor dismissed it as normal and asked if she had any other concerns.

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She then decided to ask for some pimple cream to treat a persistent spot on her top lip — but she was surprised to find it was this query which would pique her dermatologist’s interest.