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Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide: Devil - Ichiko Ohya




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Ichiko Ohya is a journalist in Persona 5 Royal who offers to write articles about the Phantom Thieves in exchange for information about them from Joker. What begins as a friendship of mutual interest quickly grows into Joker seeing a different side of Ohya than the lush she is in public – she’s trying to dig into the disappearance of her former partner, Kayo.

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With an interesting story and perks to help you get through palaces easier, it’s well worth it to rank up Ohya’s confidant! For a little help with ranking her up, follow along with our Ohya confidant guide.

Updated on March 20, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: With Persona 5 Royal remaining much-beloved by players on the heels of P5R’s new console ports in 2022, we wanted to go back and polish some of our older guides on the Game. We’ve updated our Ohya confidant guide to contain full dialogue prompts, your responses, and even bonus scenes that yield affinity for Persona 5 Royal’s Ohya confidant.

This guide will contain slight spoilers for the plot of Persona 5 Royal.

Ohya's Confidant Perks And Availability

ohya giving her business card to joker outside madarame's house in persona 5 royal

How To Unlock Ohya's Confidant

You’ll need to start Ohya’s confidant ranking manually in P5R as soon as you receive info on her whereabouts, on 6/23.

Once you’ve heard she’s at Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku, head over there on the subway any night to begin speaking with her at Crossroads. After agreeing to her deal, Ohya’s confidant will begin.

Ohya's Perks

For Ohya’s confidant perks in Persona 5 Royal, you’ll get a lot of help with palace security levels, making your infiltrations that much easier.





Rumor-Filled Scoop

Security level decreases when a new Safe Room is discovered.


Shocking Scoop

Security level is less likely to rise and will decrease after successful ambush.


Unbelievable Scoop

Security level at the start of infiltration is lowered.


Outrageous Scoop

Security level at the start of infiltration is lowered further.

10 (Max)

Legendary Scoop

Allows ambushing of enemies regardless of security level.

To get the most out of Persona 5 Royal's Ohya confidant perks, it's best to work on Ohya's confidant early, while you're still actively dungeon-crawling.