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Persona 5 Parody Starring The Golden Girls Arrives Later This Year




Despite being three decades out of production (and all of its stars being dead--we miss you, Betty) The Golden Girls remains a timeless classic for just having an absolutely bonkers premise. Three widowers and a divorcee are all roommates in a Miami home getting up to the most bizarre scenarios one could imagine for a group of female geriatrics. It’s almost as bizarre as the premise for the Persona series, which perhaps explains the inspiration for the personal passion project of one Joey Pagano.

The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX (with a hat tip to Gayming Mag) is a Persona 5 parody Game starring the Golden Girls. It’s also an exceptionally elaborate joke that has gone on for far too long, as Pagano himself explains on the Game’s site.


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"This is my personal project that has spun wildly out of control in collaboration with my close programmer colleague, Chris Lindgren," he wrote. "What started as a joke has quickly spiraled into a playground of ideas meant to explore just how much we can push our skills and retain our sanity with our own brand of humor. Simply put, this is Persona 5’s Gameplay replaced with the context of The Golden Girls."

It doesn't appear to be exactly like Persona 5, however. The UI and character portraits are more reminiscent of Persona 3 or Persona 4 than 5, as is the Game's overworld. There's also a dodge roll for some reason, although what little Gameplay footage exists for The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX doesn't really show how a dodge roll could be useful.

But who cares. This is the Golden Girls Game that fans of the classic sitcom have been begging for years. Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia are all represented with original art, and they'll all have their own personas. And rather than demons or other mythological figures, it looks like they'll be fighting both with and against... clowns.

The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX will arrive later this holiday season on PC for zero dollars. Disney owns the rights to the Golden Girls these days, so there's no way Pagano could charge for this passion project without getting sued.

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