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People Are Already Modding The Hell Out Of Resident Evil 4 Remake




Resident Evil 4 Remake's launch might still be eleven days away, but its demo is now available. That means there are already mods for the short period of the Game you are currently able to play, and as is the case for just about any triple-A title to ever receive mods, the changes being made to the next Resident Evil Game range from helpful to ludicrous.

As already noted, the demo is short. That's what demos are supposed to be. However, there's already a mod available through Nexus Mods, created by praydog, which makes the village area you play through go on forever. No, it isn't some magical mod that has unlocked the entire Game. It just disables the church bell that signals the end of the demo, allowing you to explore it for as long as you like.


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Helpful for those of you who want to play the demo for longer while you wait for the full Game. Other cool mods already added to Nexus Mods include one that adds a retro CRT filter to the demo, and another that unlocks the Japanese Biohazard demo. We know why you're all here, though. You're here to see the weird, wonderful, and downright hilarious mods you can already use in Resident Evil 4.

shirtless leon in resident evil 4 remake
via TrieuPham

Shockingly, no one appears to have added Thomas the Tank to the Game yet. Usually top of the modding priority list. Most of the mods in the amusing column so far focus on changing Leon's appearance. You can put him in a chicken mask, make the lead character look like someone from a PS1 Game, or even remove his shirt, you thirsty lot. There's even a mod that replaces his gun with a banana and his knife with a spoon. Have you ever played knifey spoony before?

Do note that if you do decide to switch your knife for a spoon, while it will still be just as effecitve, you will be modding over a nod to Resident Evil's past. The knife Leon has in the remake is the same one given to him by Marvin in Resident Evil 2. You won't need a mod to watch Leon get decapitated, though. That happens whether you apply mods or not, and it's horrifying.

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