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Parker Schnabel and his Crew’s Gold Mining Expedition in the Yukon




Parker Schnabel, a 27-year-old miner, is focused on finding gold in the Yukon and Alaska. He has a goal of mining more ground than ever before, and he plans to open a new claim in Alaska that holds the key to his mining future. To survive his toughest season yet, Parker has called in an old friend from Australia named Tyler Armani to help him on his Yukon claim. Tyler is not used to this style of mining or gold, but she is determined to learn.

Parker’s crew is stretched thin as they attempt to mine out 90 acres before their water license expires at the end of the season. Parker needs recruits who can multitask, and Tyler has been trained in rock truck operating. Chris Dumit, a veteran Gold Room expert, is impressed with Tyler’s progress and decides to give her a quick rundown on operating a loader. Tyler is nervous but determined to succeed, and she manages to handle the loader well.

Meanwhile, a pile-up occurs in the pre-wash of Big Red’s three wash, shutting down the shaker deck. Tyler catches the pre-wash plugging up and alerts Tyson, who leaves the pre-washed jets running to flush out the blockage. With the dirt cleared, Tyson is able to fire up the Shaker deck again.

Later, Tyler helps Chris with the keyhole cut, and they discover that it has averaged 175 ounces a week. As they continue to mine, they find another part of the cut that looks heavy. They eventually uncover 448.95 ounces of gold, which is a huge success for Parker and his crew. Tyler’s help has been valuable in achieving their goal of mining as much gold as possible before the end of the season.