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Overwatch Vice President Jon Spector Is Leaving Blizzard After 6 Years




After six years at the company, Overwatch commercial lead and vice president Jon Spector has announced that he will be leaving Blizzard at the end of March. At the time of writing, its currently unknown as to who will replace Spector, and the man himself hasn't given any updates as to where he may potentially land at the moment.

Spector announced the news via his personal Twitter account, in which he thanked Team 4, the Overwatch community, and "everyone at Blizzard who made this chapter of my career so incredible". Spector doesn't give a specific reason as to why he's leaving Blizzard after so much time, but states that there's "many exciting things coming to Overwatch" over the next few years and that he's excited to experience these changes as a player.


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While Spector was a fairly beloved figure in the Overwatch community, his departure probably won't effect things too much on the development side. Blizzard will probably have a replacement lined up already, and other big leadership names like Aaron keller and Jared Neuss will remain in their current positions for the time being.

In other Overwatch 2 news, the Game might be in a fairly good place now in terms of performance, but that hasn't stopped the odd bug from creeping in to completely baffle unsuspecting players. For example, one unfortunate soul shared a bug to the Overwatch subreddit that caused all of their heroes to go bald, including Mercy, Mei, and even Torbjorn, beard and all. Fans have now dubbed this event "baldywatch" and it's something that Blizzard should definitely think about adding officially if they aren't cowards.

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