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Overwatch 2 Players Pitch 6v6 Arcade Mode




Overwatch famously went from 6v6 matches down to 5v5 when Overwatch 2 arrived last October, and it dramatically changed the Game’s feel. It also made Roadhog’s ability to one-shot DPS heroes a real problem, forcing Blizzard to nerf his hook and rebalance a lot of other characters as well. Some fans have appreciated the changes, with matches feeling more intimate and impactful for each individual, but others have said it ruins Overwatch and wanted to see 6v6 return as the standard.

It seems unlikely for Blizzard to make Overwatch a 6v6 Game after spending so much time and effort making it a 5v5 Game, so as a compromise, players have asked that Blizzard add a 6v6 mode to Overwatch’s Arcade. They’ve been asking for quite a while, in fact, and those calls have only gotten louder in recent days.

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Earlier this week, Reddit user altron64 asked, "Why is 6v6 classic not a Game mode in Arcade?!! You’d think they could at least make it up to the millions of disappointed players who loved 6v6 to put a simple 6v6 mode in the Game. It’s mind-blowing that the devs didn’t even consider this it would’ve probably kept a lot of older players around if they had a classic 6v6 mode to play in case a player didn’t enjoy 5v5."

I personally don't have the answer to their question, but several Redditors suggested that Blizzard might not want to dilute Overwatch 2's player pool by throwing in an Arcade Game mode that might be as popular as regular Quick Play. Others noted that the Game has been rebalanced for 5v5, and 6v6 might just not work even as an Arcade Game mode.

Perhaps those excuses are even true. But to angry 6v6 fans, they still sound like excuses.

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