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Overwatch 2 Player Wins Match By Lying In A Bush




Players have discovered a rather surprising way of stealing a match in Overwatch 2 by simply hiding in a bush. In a move that left opponents scratching their heads, a player recently made use of an emote to lie down inside a bush near the payload, effectively rendering their character, Mercy, invisible to the enemy team.

The user on Reddit going by the name of SponsorTomix managed to capture this particular incident on camera before posting a video that shows a player lying motionless inside of the infamous bush. "I just lost a comPetitive Game because the enemy Mercy was contesting the payload from a bush," SponsorTomix explained. Several other users on the platform later came forward with similar stories.

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The technique will only work on systems with certain graphical settings because bushes and other forms of foliage can be thicker or thinner depending on the level of detail. This of course creates an interesting situation where players with higher end hardware can take advantage of the strategy, while those with lower end systems or less powerful consoles like the Nintendo Switch will have to search for somewhat more conventional solutions.


Playing the Game in this way can on the other hand backfire. “I have everything set to low and was so confused why there was a Mercy just AFK-ing there one Game,” Reddit user Public-Sink6672 noted. “Killed her and she immediately hit me with the ‘?????????’ I thought I fucked up and broke some moral code between supports.”

Several users on the same social media platform have been coming forward with tips and tricks about this and other strange tactics, going so far as to put together a list of maps with bushes in which players have been found hiding, sometimes ambushing their unsuspecting opponents. What remains to be seen is whether players will come to accept such an unusual strategy or if this kind of behavior will forever be frowned upon. The debate for the moment is only getting started.

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