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Overwatch 2 Is The Most Balanced It's Been Since Launch, Says Blizzard




Overwatch 2's roster is the most balanced it's been since it launched last October, according to Game director Aaron Keller. This comes after Season 3 introduced a bunch of huge buffs and nerfs, apparently resulting in many heroes reaching a roughly 50 percent win rate - suggesting they're now in a good state.

According to Keller, this is most notable with support Heroes, with "most supports [being] viable in nearly every skill tier." This is despite, or even because of, a huge Mercy nerf, which seems to have got more support mains playing the lesser-spotted Brigitte. It's also good news for tank mains, as they seem to be in a Healthy spot too. Even Wrecking Ball has been made viable, reaching a similar win rate to the ultra-popular Reinhardt.

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"We feel that the start of Season 3 is in a much better state of balance than the start of Season 2," says Keller, speaking about the effect of the recent patch. "We hear from players that balance is the best it’s been since the launch of OW2, while the Game feels fresh based on all the changes made."

Supports seem to be in the best place, with Keller saying that almost all of them are now viable in every skill tier. Similarly, Keller says that tanks are in the best place they've been in yet, saying it's "almost hard to pick a bad tank." Well, try telling that to my team when my duo partner picks Wrecking Ball...

wrecking ball grappling in front of posters

Interestingly on that note, the hamster is actually the most picked tank in top 500 right now, so there are plenty of players making the most of his buffs.

As for DPS, Keller says this is "fairly" balanced right now. He agrees that hitscans like Cassidy, Pharah, and Widowmaker are all performing better than others, but not so much that the team is in any rush to try and balance these Heroes. In fact, Keller says we shouldn't expect any changes to them until the midseason patch, suggesting it isn't a priority right now.

What will hopefully be a priority, however, is matchmaking. Fans have been complaining about this for weeks, and recent changes appear to have done little to mitigate these frustrations. Yet in the same blogpost, Keller says that match quality has "risen across the board", even if players disagree.

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