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Overwatch 2 Is Reworking Junkrat And Cassidy For Season 3




Overwatch 2 season three is already two weeks old, and even though it will be the sequel's first season without a new hero, devs have outlined changes to particular members of the existing roster that are in the works. Specifically, Junkrat and Cassidy, who are currently top priorities when it comes to balancing all of Overwatch's heroes.

A number of Blizzard devs fielded questions on what's to come in Overwatch 2 during a recent AMA (thanks, PCGamesN). Alec Dawson, the Game's lead hero designer, answered questions about who will be balanced next, beginning with Cassidy and detailing what the team is trying to do. Referencing the hero's flashbang grenade, which was replaced by a magnetic one for the sequel, Dawson explained the goal with Cassidy is to “bring back more synergy”.

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As for Junkrat, even though Dawson admits the hero's win rate has dropped since his last nerf, the next step will be reducing the size of his grenade's hitbox when bounced off a wall. The goal is to stop Junkrat mains from simply throwing grenades around corners over and over. As for when Junkrat and Cassidy will be tweaked, there's currently no timeline for the changes as they need to be worked on by multiple teams.

Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Dawson shed more light on just how long this process takes when answering a question about a rework for Brigette's ultimate. “That process can take anywhere from a month to six months, so we have to be forward-looking,” Dawson admitted, citing alterations to VFX and modelling among the many changes they will need to go through before they are rolled out into the Game.

Balancing in a live service Game is a never-ending task, of course, especially as new characters are introduced. Blizzard devs are also trying to fix a long-standing matchmaking issue in Overwatch 2. One that puts high-ranked players in low-ranked matches and vice versa. The second patch attempting to fix that problem was rolled out earlier this week.

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